Can chiropractic make me smarter?

Many things cause pain, with some form of injury being the typical culprit. When issues manifest because of troubles with the musculoskeletal system however, this pain can persist until the underlying cause is treated. Employing a team of the best chiropractors London has available, we provide patients with a highly personalised chiropractic experience when treating their pain, focusing on the root causes.

When you think about chiropractic, the first ideas that pop into your head are likely to be treatment for neck and back pain. What if it could enhance brain functionality too? You may not reach the level of Stephen Hawking, but you might be quite surprised when you learn what this practice is potentially capable of.

Research has shown that back complications relate to those in the brain. Through specific spinal alterations, this type of care amplifies the health of your whole body, including the brain. The spine forms one part of the nervous system and acts as your communications hub. Therefore, if you possess an unhealthy spine, the communication operations can become muddled, resulting in your brain and body functioning below adequate levels.

If you’ve experienced certain pains you may have found it hard to concentrate. This can be credited to neuroplasticity, the brain’s talent to rearrange itself through the formation of new neural connections. The negative kind can lead to memory loss and brain fog, whilst positive neuroplasticity augments optimised healing, cognitive functions, and memory. There are a number of ways to stimulate these positive responses and chiropractic happens to be one of them.

According to research, cervical chiropractic adjustments bring on these favourable effects. A study presented at the International Research and Philosophy Symposium for instance found that after undergoing treatments, the brain functions of those volunteers that took part were boosted in all areas.

At Inc Health we aim to help patients reduce their pain in the quickest and most efficient ways possible. By looking at your past medical history, we can rule out some possibilities and then focus on those problems that are most likely to be the cause of your current distress. During and after treatment you can rely on the best team of chiropractors London has when you visit us.

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