Common chiropractic methods to be aware of

What makes chiropractors unique with their approach to treating people is the focus on spinal adjustment. However, this may not be the only method they use in assisting patients. Here at Inc-Health, we have the most highly trained chiropractors London has to offer. They utilise many natural therapies to treat people. You can find out about each of them below.

Exercise programs may be provided to help improve conditions. They can primarily focus on strengthening and stretching the back, for example. You should be able to do the exercises at home in your own time to help boost the chance of a more comprehensive treatment.

Dietary management can accompany exercise therapy. Chiropractors will provide people with tips on how to improve their diet and recommend supplements that can help with back pain after undergoing spinal manipulation.

To improve circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, all of which encourages quicker healing, massage may be used on soft tissues. Alternatively, heat and ice therapy may be used to achieve similar results. Both help to treat back pain, restoring blood flow and promoting faster healing.

We also use diathermy, a form of electro-magnetic therapy. It works by passing soft tissues to provide heat to denser tissues, relaxing the muscles. This results in reduced muscle spasms and accelerated healing. Many of our patients have found this treatment to be one of the most comfortable as the area being treated feels pleasantly warm.

Hydrotherapy can also be used. Using water, varying temperatures and pressure via whirlpools, hot baths, wraps or saunas, this treatment focuses on how the body reacts to cold and hot stimuli. In chiropractic, it can be done to help reduce back pain sensitivity.

Here at Inc-Health we specialise in providing these chiropractic methods, and more. We have successfully treated many muscle and joint problems, so if you require any of these treatments we offer; please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With us you can have confidence you are always being treated by some of the best chiropractors London has to offer.