Don’t suffer with joint or muscle pain longer than you should

If you spend your life suffering from joint or muscle pain you may have resigned yourself to the fact that there is little or no relief available. It is incredible how many people tolerate constant pain despite the adverse effects it can have on daily life. At Inc-Health we do not believe that anybody should have to endure pain in this way and as a result we provide expert chiropractors London patients can depend on to provide rapid pain relief helping them to lead more active lives that are free from crippling agony and discomfort.

The human body is capable of incredible things but even the smallest of injuries if left untreated can progressively worsen and this results in many people adjusting their lives and missing out on so much due to their pain. We look at every single client individually as everybody is unique.  We will establish history and conduct an examination and tests if necessary in order to establish a diagnosis. When it comes to detecting the root cause of pain our clients can rest assured they will be in the best of hands as all our professional chiropractors are highly trained and experienced in the differential diagnosis of neuro-muscular skeletal pain.

Common treatments incorporate gentle stimulation and relaxation of muscles along with expertly applied pressure techniques. Our nervous systems are responsible for controlling the way our bodies move during routine activities. We use stimulation to encourage and educate the nervous system to apply better control thus ensuring improvements in the ability of your back, neck and shoulder muscles to maintain the stability of your spine.

Therapeutic exercise focuses on promoting strength in the muscles that guide movement and rehabilitative work is utilised to achieve lasting relief from pain. The main goals are to support the healing of tissue and improve function and stability.

From regular headaches to crippling migraine and whiplash to sciatica and pregnancy related pain there is help and relief available. Spinal problems can result in numbness and tingling as well as restricted living and misery for many people. Professional and proactive chiropractors London patients need are the ones that focus on improving the function of the painful area and accelerating the healing process. Additionally there are classes that teach you how to look after your spine and discover the exercises that will provide maximum benefit for you. When you finally start to feel free of pain there is an inevitable improvement in your mood and general wellbeing.