What should I expect from an initial visit with chiropractors?

Chiropractic has proven its usefulness countless times when it comes to relieving patients of their pain. It is often the case that said pain originates from an issue with the musculoskeletal system. Through an initial consultation, our chiropractors inspect each patient’s medical history in order to determine the root cause of the problem. After this phase is completed, we will then devise a treatment strategy that is appropriate to that person’s specific requirements.

Once you’ve made your appointment and are ready for your first visit to the clinic, you should expect to fill in some form of paperwork. If you have recently been to see your doctor in order to get some X-ray or MRI scans of your body, then bring these with you, as it will save you some precious time and help speed things up.

Afterwards, your chiropractor shall then begin by asking a series of questions relating to your health and the pain you experience. An examination is typically the next step, with a special emphasis being placed on the area you complain about the most. If required, additional scans will be performed so that the issues can be better understood.

A follow up visit shall be in order so that the chiropractor can inform you of their findings and discuss the best treatment options with you. The treatments are numerous so it’s ok to ask as many questions as you wish if you lack understanding of what they entail.

Ultimately, the goal is for treatments to be comfortable, effective and above all, safe. If the chiropractors say that results can be expected in a few months time, it is wise to be patient and heed this advice. Everyone involved wants results but due to the delicate nature of the practice, time is necessary.

At Inc-Health our chiropractors in London specialise in treating pains that show up all over the body. Sometimes it could be your back, or your legs and arms might be the problem, but regardless, we will come up with a solution that is most beneficial to you. If you believe yourself to be in need of our assistance, get in touch as soon as possible.