Is medication or chiropractic the better choice for neck pain?

Just because you are suffering from a great deal of neck pain, does not mean that you should let it interfere with your life. If you are looking for an effective solution chiropractic could be the way forward. Focused on establishing a treatment plan that looks into a patient’s individual requirements, our clinic strives to help you in your recovery efforts by providing a personalised service. That is why we are regarded amongst the best chiropractors in London.

Neck pain is a serious matter and depending on how terrible the condition is, it can ruin your week, month, or even the full year. It may be possible to take medication to ease the pain but this does not fix the underlying cause of the problem. Chiropractic does just that and may make a substantial difference in your recovery.

Typical causes of neck pain include the likes of aging, such as osteoarthritis and spinal degeneration, as well as daily activities, like poor posture and stress. Other possible triggers are improper movements and abnormal sleeping positions. Something that doesn’t exactly help these days is constantly craning the neck to look at hand held devices.

If you are wondering how chiropractic can assist you with neck pain, you’ll be glad to know that various studies have looked into and have found supportive evidence for the practice. One study from 2003 concluded that spinal mobilisation had a greater effect than that of medical assistance when aiding patients that had suffered from neck pain for two weeks. Another study from 2012 discovered that chiropractic minimised neck pain far more than medicine such as ibuprofen and aspirin was able to.

At Inc-Health, in addition to treatments we also provide crucial information to those suffering from neck issues. These details come from a major study that was undertaken by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. They include staying active, relying on more than one therapy and being on the lookout for numerous causes name some.

If you would like help please don’t wait to visit our chiropractors in London. We have flexible appointments and provide personalised treatment for every individual.