Is medication or chiropractic the better choice for neck pain?

Just because you are suffering from a great deal of neck pain, does not mean that you should let it interfere with your life. If you are looking for an effective solution chiropractic could be the way forward. Focused on establishing a treatment plan that looks into a patient’s individual requirements, our clinic strives to help you in your recovery efforts by providing a personalised service. That is why we are regarded amongst the best chiropractors in London. Continue reading

What should I expect from an initial visit with chiropractors?

Chiropractic has proven its usefulness countless times when it comes to relieving patients of their pain. It is often the case that said pain originates from an issue with the musculoskeletal system. Through an initial consultation, our chiropractors inspect each patient’s medical history in order to determine the root cause of the problem. After this phase is completed, we will then devise a treatment strategy that is appropriate to that person’s specific requirements. Continue reading