Exercising the pain from your body

No one should have to put things off for anything, but sometimes, pain can get in the way. There is a solution to this though and it comes in the form of chiropractic care. Specialising in pains that present themselves in various parts of the body, our clinic is fully equipped to and is capable of treating your ailments to help get you back into shape. Patients from all over London come to our chiropractors for help and support. Continue reading

It’s always best to practice proper posture

At Inc-Health we believe that people should not accept reduced mobility because of pain. This is why our clinic is dedicated to treating each patient both quickly and effectively. Before an appropriate plan of action can be made, a thorough look into the patient’s history is required to discover what has caused problems in the past and if they’re still present today. Once we have established the root cause, treatments can begin. Continue reading