People from all walks of life can suffer from pains caused by injuries

When we suffer an injury or develop a pain that reduces our ability to be active it can be extremely distressing and detrimental. Athletes are people that depend on maximum levels of fitness for several reasons. Not only can they perform to the best of their abilities when they are injury free but it is also imperative to remain active and maintain training schedules. Despite making every effort to live healthy lifestyles in every other way injury is the number one culprit that plagues athletes and sports men and women throughout their careers. When substantial injury is sustained it affects the individual not only physically but emotionally. Fear of pain, further damage and irreversible reduction of ability becomes a prevalent concern.

Athletes of course understand injury quite intrinsically but for many of us it is not so easy to ascertain why we are in so much pain and furthermore how to effectively deal with it. If you have ever felt something pull or strain, or been involved in an accident that has left you with some kind of constant or recurring complaint you may find yourself regularly suffering and thinking that it cannot be remedied and must be tolerated. Often people find themselves experiencing discomfort yet there appears to be no discernible cause.

Here at inc-Health we are fuelled by the strict belief that pain does not have to be your constant companion. A regular diet of painkillers and an exclusion from an active and healthy lifestyle is entirely unacceptable as far as we are concerned. If you need help and seek a life free of aches, twinges and searing pains then we are the chiropractors London sufferers can find genuine relief from. Contrary to the belief of some, chiropractic is not based on a generic principle of cracking the bones. Back, neck and shoulder pain to name a few all result from problems with the musculoskeletal system and the result is joint or muscle problems that cause loss of mobility and extreme pain.  Our practice is based on gentle and sensitive manipulation via specialised hand techniques.

We offer adjustments and intense massage that liberates joints and muscles from restriction. The spine holds great power but its stability and movement is supported by core stabilisers that need to be activated by dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation. When we are children and adults tell us to sit up straight we really should take heed. Poor posture leads to all manner of issues and if left unresolved the problems grow. Chiropractic also incorporates training for posture which leads to increased stabilisation of the core muscles. When relief and improvement occurs there are further beneficial strengthening exercises that prove invaluable as they serve as prevention for problems in the future. The principles of appropriately executed chiropractic extend beyond targeting the specific injury. Every professional and amateur athlete and individual seeking much needed support from chiropractors in London for injuries and debilitating complaints need look no further than inc-Health.