Serving London residents suffering with pain on a daily basis

Many people suffer from disorders of the musculoskeletal system and these issues can have a terribly negative impact on health in general. Inc-health are professional chiropractors in London and we provide a therapeutic service for people suffering with pain and restricted movement due to problems with the muscles or joints. When we have a pain in the neck or the back it can often send that pain travelling to other parts of the body and this can become very problematic for people on a daily basis and in some cases quite debilitating. When we are experiencing constant or frequent muscle pain we tend to avoid taking part in any kind of physical activities and find ourselves having to rest or come up with ways of relieving the symptoms. We believe that nobody should have to suffer indefinitely from this kind of pain and we offer effective treatment to provide relief to our patients.

Dr Ira Norgaard has been treating patients for nearly 25 years and aside from an impressive list of academic achievements and experience she recently achieved successful certification in the pioneering technique of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. This recently evolved approach to rehabilitation focuses on the correction of poor movement patterns to inspire and encourage the body’s natural system of stabilization.

No matter who you are you can suffer an injury or something can simply go wrong with the body and assistance is required. Back pain is one of the most common complaints and comes second only to the common cold when it comes to time taken off work. There are many contributors to back pain including incorrect lifting, poor posture and even trauma can trigger a problem. Despite what many people think back pain can be effectively treated so you do not have to live with it.

We also offer treatment to children that are experiencing the symptoms of Developmental Delay Syndrome. It was established some time ago that the two sides of the brain must communicate for normal activities such as reading and we have now ascertained that the delay most likely occurs on the right side of the bran. We can offer chiropractic treatment, specific exercises and beneficial advice regarding nutrition to help your child. Improvements usually occur very quickly and children benefit greatly from our techniques that help the improvement of brain function.

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